State Council of Educational Research and Training Kerala

Updated on: Apr 3, 2013
The State Council of Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Kerala is R&D Unit for providing guidance, support and assistance to the State Education Department. The state education department has the task in hand to improve the quality of education starting from primary school level to higher secondary level. To get the task done the SCERT Kerala conducts research studies develops information systems, curricular policies, and instructional materials and co-ordinates in-service education for teachers at all levels.

SCERT Kerala is responsible for academic aspects of school education which includes formulation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teachers' handbooks and teacher training. The SCERT Kerala advises the Government of State on matters relating to schools education. The Kerala Journal of Education Research and Extension published in each half year by the SCERT. Different departments do the various tasks of SCERT. The main departments of SCERT are-

Department Of Curriculum, Text Books AndEvaluation [DCTE]
Department Of Teacher Education (Pre-Service& In-Service) and Extension
Department Of Educational Technology (DET)
Department Of Art, Physical, Health AndVocational Education
Department Of Non-Formal, Continuing And SpecialEducation (NFE)
Department Of Research Documentation AndDissemination


State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT)
Poojappura PO
Kerala, PIN: 695 012

Telephone Numbers
0471-2341883 / 2340323

E-mail: [email protected]
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